AQAR Format is as follows:

  • AQAR Format

  • Manuals as Follows:

  • NAAC has developed different manuals for Universities, Affiliated Colleges and Autonomous Colleges taking into cognisance their specific roles and attributes. The manuals are comprehensive and user friendly, providing information on how the self-study report (SSR) is to be prepared, the criteria and key aspects to be addressed and the style of presentation.
  •      Henceforth, the SSRs for Universities, Affiliated Colleges and Autonomous Colleges, may be presented in one document. The total number of pages excluding the department-wise inputs should not exceed 200 pages . It may comprise of the following sections:

  • Preface

  • Executive Summary inclusive of the SWOC analysis of the institution

  • Profile of the Institution

  • Evaluative Report - Criteria-wise

  • Evaluative Report - Department-wise