Teaching of Tennysons Ulysses to rural undergraduates.
Published in/by Prestige Books  (1999-2000)-Rajkumar L. Kadam

Rabindranath Tagore as a Nobel lauret.
Published in/by Garden city college, Bangalore  (2015-2016)-Rajkumar L. Kadam

Edited a book-Stri Eak Sputa Shatki.
Published in/by University Of Pune  (2013-2014)-Rajkumar L. Kadam

A Stylistic Approach to John Donne's Batter My Heart
Published in/by Prestige Books  (1999-2000)-Khilare Sanjay K.

Representation of the Female Image in Hindi Films.
Published in/by (CILH)Vol.2, No. II  (2013-2014)-Khilare Sanjay K.

Globalisation Reflected in Arun Kale's Poetry
Published in/by CILH Vol.3 No. 1  (2013-2014)-Khilare Sanjay K.

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