At the time of admission itself, the forms that the students fill asks them if they are good at any sports and if they would like to represent the college in any sports competitions. After the student is admitted, he/she approaches the Department of Physical education and meets the Physical Director and enrolls himself/herself for the sports he/she is good at. If the student wishes to learn a new sport which they have never played, like hockey, boxing, weight-lifting, etc., they can register their willingness. Once this is done, they are contacted by the Physical director whenever training sessions are scheduled. The students are trained in the sport of their choice and are given ample opportunities to participate in various competitions. For cultural activities, the Cultural Activities Committee organizes Training Programs in Dramatics etc. These activities are notified to all students through the Notice Boards. Interested students can contact the chairman of the committee and register their names. The selected candidates are trained and sent for various competitions.