Through an entrance test developed by the institution.Common entrance test conducted by the University / Government.

The College is situated in a picturesque campus called "Vidyanagari" extending over 156 acres of land in the Village Rui at the outskirts of the town Baramati. The total area occupied by the college is 27 acres. The College is housed in a spacious, airy and wellplanned building which has 41 classrooms and 31 laboratories. There is a spacious office for administrative staff with separate cabins for the Registrar, Office Superintendent, Accounts Officer, Head Clerk, Examinations and Eligibility Officer, Cashier and window cabins for three student support officers. There is a Principal's Office with the Principal's cabin, four separate cabins for the vice-principals, cabin for junior clerk which also houses the central photocopying facility, a cabin for stenographer and a pantry.There is a separate Examination Hall for conductance of all the internal and external (University) examinations.

Annual Town Cleaning Programme through the "Baramati Pattern." This pattern was initiated by the College in which NSS units of all neighbouring colleges combine to clean the major areas of the town.