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Staff Information

Pawar Mahesh D.

Department:Computer Application
Email Id:
Qualification: M.C.S. ,M.Phil(Computer science) UGC.NET
Joining Date: 14/08/2000
Other Information: Attended ,presented and published variaus research papers in state national International journals conference.published various text book of B.C.A..persuing Ph.D. degree from swami Ramanande Three Nanded University(SRTM Nanded).

Study and Performance Analysis Of De-Blurring Analysis of De-Blurring Techniques for Distorted Medical Images.

Identification of Annual Rings In Indetermination Plants Using Different Edge Detection methods.

Study and Analysis of Various Edge Detection Methods For X-RAY Images.

Deblurring of Blurred Image: For Medical Image Processing Applications.

Deblurring of Medical Image for Medical Diagnosis.

Recent Trends in Information Technology.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Cyber Crimes.

Software Engineering.

Relational Database Management System.

Orientation/Refresher Course on Teaching, Learning and Communication in UGC-ASC Pune and VPASC Baramati

Refresher Course in Computer Science in UGC-ASC and University of Madras, Chennai

SET Workshop in Computer Science.
Place:SET Center University of Pune ,Pune at Amaravati University

Two days workshop on Lab Safety: for Lab Assistants at VPASC

Discussion on New Syllabus and Practical Conduction of B.C.A. at University of Pune, Pune and D.Y.Patil College,Pune

Discussion on New Syllabus Conduction of B.C.A at University of Pune, Pune and Indira College, Pune .

Discussion of TYBCA and MCA(Commerce) Syllabus and slips Preparation for SYBCA (Sem-III) at Dr. D.Y.Patil ACS College ,Pune

Discussion on New Syllabus in Theory and Practical at T.Y.B.C.A (SEM-V) at University of Pune, Pune and Abeda Inamdar College,Pune

Two Days workshop on Implementation of Practical Course for T.Y.B.Sc.(Computer Science) at VPASC College , Baramati

Discussion on New Syllabus and Practical Conduction of B. C. A and MCA Commerce and M.Com (E-Com) at University of Pune , Pune and Indira College, Pune .

Examination System at University of Pune , Pune &C.T.Bora A.S.C. college , Shriur

Syllabus Revision of SYBCOM(Computer Application & Stat) at VPASC College , Baramati